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Just got tagged by :iconjukainofthenorth:, so I thought I should update. :) I'm not going to tag anyone 'cause I feel a little weird making others answer a bunch of random questions. :D But this should be fun!
1. Color/pattern of your bedsheets?

Which ones? :evillaugh: (Not kidding, I kind of crash wherever there is a bed.)
2. Favorite dessert?

Give me anything sweet and you've got me for life. On special occasions though, there's a local ice cream shop that sells the best soft serve I have ever tasted. On super special occasions, I like strawberry mousse (ahaha I almost put "moose" instead).

3. What inspired you to write/draw/other artsy craft?

I used to write little stories growing up just because I thought it was a natural consequence of being such a bookworm. I read, therefore I wrote. I only started taking it seriously after I got super pissed off one day at a Hollywood trope where divorced parents were always on good terms with each other and their kids. In a fit a melodramatic pique, I promised I would write things that were believable and people would like it, darn it! (With drawing/any other craft I do, I just find it relaxing.)

4. Any surprising traits/quirks that might surprise people you're meeting for the first time?
Hmm, I like to make small talk. But when I run out of things to ask/say, I just tell them that I can't think of anything else. Sometimes people don't really know what to do when the ball is so firmly in their court.

5. How are you in crowded, noisy social situations?

Sometimes I'm okay, sometimes I get annoyed and have to escape to an empty corner.
6. Night owl or early bird?

Night owl, but I have to be an early bird to fufuill my commitments. :iconcryforeverplz:
7. Can you handle horror movies very well?

They always make me laugh... so no?
8. Do you do any roleplaying (text-based or in-game) at all? If not, have you considered it?

I used to a few years ago, but I always insisted it wasn't role play! :D
9. Can you draw me a flying llamacorn?

alternative text

 I don't know if I can do that. But here, have this instead! <3

alternative text

10. Do you go into great obsessive depth (like, development questionnaires, nitty-gritty psychology and stuff) when it comes to the characters you write/draw/RP (if you have a "regular cast" of sorts) and their actions, reasoning, etc.? Or do you tend to keep things light and simple and just go with the flow? Have you ever gone from one of these modes to the other, either suddenly or in a gradual process?

Hmm, I usually have a basic structure where I try to figure out their basic motivations and personality. I also try to outline what they do in the story and how different things will make them react. But other than that, I go by the seat of my pants. Sometimes I catch myself contradicting what I had previously written, so maybe I should plan a little bit more. (Or it's just a normal editing thing.)


Thanks for reading! :hug:


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Ready to fly.
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No seriously, you don't have to thank me for the fave. It's fine. :)

Looking to develop mah skills.

Sometimes I favorite something for the artist's comments. *shifty eyes*

Sometimes I fanfic:…

Peace and Love ya'll. <3

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